Calibration Water Bath

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Calibration Water Bath – cook to perfection

  • easy to use, LED touch screen controls
  • Delivers consistent & repeatable results
  • stainless steel bath with an 8 litre capacity
  • high level of stability


This compact, 8 litre capacity stainless steel water bath features an easy to read LED touch screen control panel which allows the user to set both the temperature and the time if required.

The temperature of the water bath can be set between 30 and 90 °C. The water bath’s inbuilt heater and circulation pump will precisely maintain the temperature of the water. The water bath offers a high level of stability with a stabilisation time of approximately 30 minutes.

Switch the water bath on, set the verification temperature, and insert your temperature probe into the bath and compare the results against your reference thermometer, it could not be easier.

This low cost water bath is ideal for checking the calibration of a wide range of instrumentation including thermometers and data-loggers.

Each water bath is supplied with a stainless steel lid.

Ideal for checking thermometer accuracy:

Regular calibration checks of a thermometer and probe is essential to maintain confidence in your readings. An annual calibration to National Standards (UKAS), by an authorised/accredited temperature laboratory, is recommended for all thermometers, but you should also check your thermometers on a regular basis for obvious signs of error.

The frequency of temperature calibration checks will be dependent on how important accurate temperature measurement is to your business or process.

The  Water Bath should always be used in conjunction with a certified Reference Thermometer. This will have been checked against and/or be traceable to National Standards . The Reference Thermometer should have a valid Certificate of Calibration, and this provides the confidence that your thermometers readings are accurate.


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