Cheese Making Professional Thermometer

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Cheese Dial Thermometers

  • Professional Cheese Thermometer
  • easy to read dial with colour-coded zones
  • includes FREE calibration spanner
  • ideal Cheese thermometer
  • 45mm Dial & 175mm length stem available


These Cheese thermometers or cooking thermometers incorporate a °C/°F dial with colour coded zones that indicate the optimum temperature, making them both simple and fast to use.

Available in 175mm Probe length

Measuring over the range of -10 to 110 °C, the thermometers are available in 45 mm dial and 175 mm Lenght Probe.

Each thermometer is supplied with a stainless steel jug mounting probe clip, calibration spanner and protective probe cover. designed specifically to enable barista’s to easily identify different types of milk used in stainless steel jugs, to avoid cross-contamination.


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