Cooper Atkins DFP 450 W Pen Thermometer

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• Checks the rinse temperature of your commercial dish washing machine
• Stores maximum temperature registered in rinse cycle
• IPX7 waterproof-rated
• Anti-microbial additive*
• LCD flashes when desired temperature is reached
• Accurate for Life!
• Lifetime Warranty!


Cooper Atkins DFP450W Digital Pocket Test with adjustable Temperature Alarm

The Dpp450W was specifically designed for the harshest food service environments.

The Instrument can be programmed to provide a visual alarm (blinking display) once the set temperature is reached.

The initial default alarm temperature is 140 F (60 C). Potentially hazardous mercury thermometers are often used to check the extreme water temperature of commercial dish water. Eliminate the risk of a mercury spill;

the DFP450W stores the maximum heat registered and is waterproof. Guaranteed Accurate for Life means there is no need of field adjusting of calibration settings and no risk of introducing error into the instrument.

1) Digital Thermometer with Temperature Alarm – Provides a visual alarm (blinking display) once the set temperature is reached. Maximum and minimum temperature memory. Lifetime warranty.
2) Instant Read Thermometer with Temperature Alarm – Ultra-fast response time, reads temperature in under 6 seconds. Accurate thermometer with easy to read digital display. Perfect for grilling, bbq, indoor and outdoor cooking.
3) 10 Minute Auto Shutoff – Digital pocket test thermometer with probe and Thermistor sensor. 10 minute auto shutoff digital display to conserve battery life. -40 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range.
4) Designed for Harsh Foodservice Environments – Eliminates the risk of mercury spill. NSF, CE, WEEE and RoHS certified. IPX7 waterproof rating – dishwasher safe. Anti-microbial additive housing to prevent bacteria growth.
5) Cooper-Atkins Corporation – Headquartered in Middlefield, CT, Cooper-Atkins has been a leading manufacturer of quality time, temperature, and humidity instruments serving the Foodservice, HVAC and Healthcare markets since 1885.


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